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10 Unconventional Jobs and Weird Careers That Actually Make Good Money

Unemployment in the U.S. is at its lowest level since 1969. Moreover, Jobs growth is also at a record level.

Of course, many of these are not unusual jobs.

However, beneath the news of yet more manufacturing openings, there are some unconventional careers which have emerged.

Whether you’re searching for unconventional jobs to express yourself or just want to know about the crazy jobs around the world.

So, let’s check out our list of weird jobs which actually pay well.

1. Doula 

You’ve probably heard of a midwife, but what’s a doula?

The midwife is there from the start to finish. While a doula provides support during birth.

If you want a rewarding career, then becoming a doula is an amazing experience for many women.

It doesn’t require a college degree. However, it is usually recommended to achieve the certification.

It’s not necessarily a full-time position either. You can have a flexible schedule and pick and choose your clients.

Doulas can enjoy a good salary too!

2. Ayurveda Healer

Ayurveda is a traditional medicine which comes from India. For many people, the practices are best described as a way of life.

They have been widespread in India for over one thousand years. And yet, there are signs that the methods are becoming increasingly popular among Americans and Europeans as well.

The rising demand for alternative medicines and holistic remedies has made the unconventional job of an Ayurveda healer a viable career choice.

If you want to know the hidden secrets of Ayurveda healing, then you’ve got to be willing to dig deep into your pockets.

3. Feng Shui Consultant

Where do you go if you want to make your home more Feng Shui?

Well, you visit a Feng Shui consultant, of course.

You haven’t heard of Feng Shui? It is the ancient Chinese tradition which is founded on the principles of Taoism.

The tradition describes how the flow of energy, which is called “Chi,” needs to be considered for the health and well-being of people.

Are you renovating your home?

You may need to consider how the arrangement of everything from the furniture to the installation of the lighting influences the Feng Shui of the place.

Feng Shui consultants can make sure you make the right decisions. And, best of all, they can charge whatever they want. You can’t put a price on the Feng Shui of your home.

4. Sommelier

Are you drinking the right wine with your chicken dinner? Is it worthwhile spending more for a better bottle of wine?

Many people find wine confusing. That’s where sommeliers can help you.

They’re professional wine tasters. You can earn up to $150,000 per year for the gig.

It’s not as simple as being able to tell the difference between a Chablis and a Chardonnay. You have jump through many hoops including exams to reach the status of a sommelier.

5. Person-For-Hire

Are you short a body or two at your uncle’s funeral? Do you need a boyfriend to take to your cousin’s wedding?

Japan has a booming “fake-friends” industry. A person-to-hire can around $200 per day.

Are you too busy to make friends? Have you got plenty of money? Hire a person for your event.

If you need writing services, then you may need to go elsewhere.

6. Bicycle Fishers

There are nearly 900,000 bicycles in the Dutch capital of Amsterdam.

This is a city that gets around on two-wheels. However, now and then, bicycles end up one of the many canals around the city.

Who are you going to call when there are bicycles in the canal? Naturally, the bicycle fisher!

Every year, these two-wheel fishers find around 14,000 bicycles in the water. It doesn’t pay badly either.

7. Art Therapist 

There is a growing body of evidence which suggests that creativity and art can help with mental health problems.

However, people can’t always realize the potential of art for themselves.

The average salary of an art therapist is around $46,000 per year.

8. Computer Hackers

From the hit Netflix TV show House of Cards to the Trump-Russia investigation, computer hackers are always being talked about.

But, sometimes we need to stop to think about how weird this job actually is.

While we often think about computer hackers are causing chaos and mayhem. It’s interesting to know that many hackers actually work for the government.

You can earn over $100,000 per year as a computer hacker for the security services.

9. Bottle Girls

What if I told you, you can get paid thousands per night by working in the club scene? You’d be surprised, right?

Surely, waiters behind the bar don’t get paid much. Well, if you know the right places, as a shot girl, this weird job can be highly profitable.

It’s all about the tips. You can earn up to $500,000 in a year.

10. The Queen of England’s Piper 

The Queen’s piper has to be available to play the bagpipes (the traditional Scottish musical instrument) whenever she wants it.

This is usually at 9 o’ clock in the morning. However, after around 15 minutes, that’s your shift for the day over.

For the pleasure of being in the presence of her Majesty the Queen of England, you can earn an average salary of £44,724 (around $59,000).

Source: https://weirdomatic.com/they-do-what-10-unconventional-jobs-and-weird-careers-that-actually-make-good-money.html

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