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Top 5 Yoga Jobs

The yoga industry is getting big in modern era . Today , Yoga industry is worth of $30 Billion per year and community grows so do the opportunities for employment.

When most people think of yoga as a profession, their minds immediately jump to yoga teachers and studio owners. Although these can certainly be viable pathways to earning a living through yoga, they aren’t the only ways.

If you live for yoga and want to make it your livelihood, read on – here’s a look at some of the best yoga jobs and career opportunities.

Yoga Instructor

Median pay: $62,400
Top pay: $137,000
10-year job growth: 29%
Total jobs: 10,000
The job: Mind. Body. Spirit. Career. Pilates and Yoga instructors guide classes (or individuals in one-on-one sessions) through each discipline, making sure students learn their particular practice in a way that is challenging, yet safe and comfortable. If you’re thinking about becoming an instructor, it�s probably because you already love doing it and want to share your experience with others. Whether you’re working with a school or teaching on your own, you can tailor your classes to fit your schedule.

How to switch: As both fields become more popular, demand is growing for instructors, but certification and training are crucial to prevent injuries. Both the Pilates Method Alliance and the Yoga Alliance recommend at least 200 hours of training. For more details, go to pilatesmethodalliance.org and yogaalliance.org. 

Online Yoga Teacher

Online Yoga teacher is on demand . To need to become a yoga teacher one Must be an enthusiastic individual, passionate about helping lead healthy life through fitness. Experience training 1-on-1 in the trenches, i.e. in a gym, in a studio, etc. Someone who has contributed to the fitness industry and is hungry for learning.

Yoga Researcher

There has been proceeding with examination into the physical and mental impacts of yoga and its connection to wellbeing results.

Researchers have investigated yoga for diabetes, malignant growth, HIV, numerous sclerosis, post-awful pressure issue, and notwithstanding for smoking end, menopause, and numerous different conditions.

Numerous specialists are as yet investigating the advantages of yoga, in a wide range of fields, from brain research to physiology.

Instructor, Yoga Therapy

Cape Town, South Africa

As an instructor in the Yoga Therapy for Integrative Health program, you are a health care professional, yoga therapist, or yoga teacher with over 1000 hours of training and practice. Your role is primarily to instruct and deliver the subject content in a manner that engages, stimulates and fosters student learning.

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